Cognitive Fatigue

One of the most common problems encountered by stroke survivors as they recover from their strokes is fatigue - that feeling of exhaustion that often follows any mental exertion. It goes by the name cognitive fatigue, and it is quite different from the physical fatigue that one might experience after running a marathon. Furthermore, the recommended response to cognitive fatigue is quite different to that for physical fatigue.

According to the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, …

Fatigue is experienced by more than 50% of stroke survivors, and leads to reduced independence and quality of life. In spite of its importance to stroke survivors, there are no proven means of minimizing this fatigue. 

The Boroondara Community Stroke Hub maintains regular contact with scientists working at the Florey Institute to ensure that we are aware of the latest advice on the impact of life-style changes on long-term stroke recovery.   

Here is a list of documents and websites that provide general information about cognitive fatigue. But if you have specific concerns about cognitive fatigue that you or a loved one may be experiencing, please consult your GP and ask whether you need to be referred to a neuropsychologist for a proper assessment and treatment plan.


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March 25, 2017