Life Style

There can be little doubt that lifestyle issues, particularly diet and exercise, play an enormous role in gaining and maintaining an acceptable quality-of-life for older people, no matter whether they have had a stroke or not. There is a rapidly mounting body of scientific evidence that points to the beneficial effects of both a good balanced diet, physical exercise and low levels of stress on the health of the brain.

Unfortunately, stroke survivors are often restricted in their capacity to exercise adequately, and unless they dramatically reduce their calorie intake to balance the reduced exercise load, they run a risk of putting on heaps of weight which makes it even more difficult for them to move around, recover from falls or even feel good about themselves.

Here is a list of documents and websites that provide general information about the lifestyle choices that may affect both your risk of having another stroke, or your capacity to recover from a stroke.  



A number of episodes the ABC’s Catalyst program have also addressed various aspects of the issue of post-stroke life style. These include ...

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March 25, 2017