Optimal Health

The Optimal Health Program (or OHP) is based on a Collaborative Therapy approach that involves exploration of an individual's wellbeing through reflection, setting of goals, self managed strategies and health plans.

The Optimal Health Program website states that …

OHP is a self-management program which promotes hope, growth, and meaningful connections and partnerships. The aim is to empower people to enhance their wellbeing and build on their strengths and values.

OHP responds to individual needs and offers the opportunity to have a conversation, reflect, write down ideas, ask questions and develop strategies.

Critical to this approach to individual wellbeing is recognition that there are 6 ‘dimensions’ (or domains) to our wellbeing, namely our:

  • physical health
  • emotional health
  • social health
  • spiritual health (or values)
  • occupational health (or engagement)
  • intellectual health

This multi-faceted approach to restoring wellbeing following a stroke reflects the individual differences in the post-stroke needs of both stroke survivors and their carers. You can find out more information about the Optimal Health and Wellbeing program that is available through the Boroondara Community Stroke Hub here.


Note: The Optimal Health Program logo and the Ammonite graphic are the work of Helen Wilding whose magnificent artistic talent can be appreciated on her website.

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March 25, 2017