Stroke Information 

There is an enormous amount of information about stroke that has been published in recent years in the form of books, factsheets, podcasts, radio and TV programs, websites and videos. It is often a difficult and frustrating task to locate the specific information stroke survivors, their carers or family members may need from time to time as they travel along their stroke recovery journeys.

In particular, there is an excellent series of eBooks and fact sheets that has been published by the Headway organisation in the UK. That library can be accessed using this link.

This page lists a number of significant issues of concern to stroke survivors, their carers or family members, and provide links to relevant information that has been published by reputable organisations from around the world.

Many of these issues are touched on, directly or indirectly, in the programs offered at the Boroondara Community Stroke Hub.

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March 25, 2017