Young Strokees    

There are few things that horrify older strokees more than the knowledge that strokes affect young people as well as those of us ‘who have been young for far too long’.

And, tragically, the frequency of strokes among young people is currently increasing. Hence, the BSSG is very keen to offer young strokees living in the Boroondara area a place where they can get together and explore various opportunities to rebuild their post-stroke lives, maybe with the eventual aim to return to the workforce.

We have started a Young Strokees group at the Stroke Hub which is being lead by Jay Matekino. So, if you are a young strokee, or the carer or parent of a young strokee, we encourage you to get involved in developing meaningful programs for young strokees at the new Boroondara Community Stroke Hub.  

Also make sure you check out the Young Stroke 2015 web page on the National Stroke Association website, or the following Fact Sheets published by the Stroke Association in the UK.

1. Childhood stroke

2. Stroke in people of working age (18-65)

You may also like to contact the Stroke Association of Victoria (phone 03 9670 1117) and ask about the Young Victorian Stroke Support Group or the Vocational Mentoring program that is being rolled out throughout Victoria in association with various Rotary Clubs.

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March 25, 2017