Get Involved

Get Involved

BSSG exists thanks to the generosity of our community, who donate their valuable time, voices and funds to our cause.

Any assistance you can provide helps members in our community affected by stroke.  


The BSSG would not be the success it is without its volunteers who devote their time and energy to the stroke cause.

There are many roles for volunteers to undertake:  from making a cup of tea for members to assisting with or convening an activity.

Most of our activities are convened by stroke survivors or carers.  Other volunteers include retired baby boomers such as former public servants, business people and health professionals. We also see University students studying in the allied health services field.

Our volunteers are kind, cheery and welcoming.  They are good listeners, think creatively and take initiative.  

If you would like to assist in our activities and would like to be part of the stroke movement, call the Hub Administrator on 8529 5307 or email

Why we encourage volunteering:

Doing good and volunteering benefits a person’s wellbeing. Here are seven scientific facts to consider (Source:

Anita Paxton

My name is Anita Paxton and I am pleased to say how fulfilling volunteering has been for me in our community over many years.

When our children were younger, we volunteered with Friends of South Surrey Park for over 12 years. With invaluable council support, this social, inclusive and friendly group cleared out the blackberries and weeds from Back Creek and improved the lay of the land.

We planted thousands of native seedlings, shrubs, grasses and trees to the area of Surrey Hills. This has created a green belt for the community to enjoy and promoted the return of native flora and fauna to our area – great for bird watching! I am pleased to have played a small part in regenerating this park.

The next chapter of my volunteering was a happy coincidence! Having enjoyed my nursing career for 40 plus years, and having recently retired, I came across a vibrant group of stroke survivors and their families and carers at a social event at my husband’s lawn bowls club. As my last nursing position was caring for acute stroke patients, I was keen to see how their transition back into the community was taking place.

This is how I became involved with the BSSG over 6 years ago. This group was set up by volunteers to fill a desperate need in our community, and it continues to be a vital link for younger and older stroke survivors to share their stories and gain the confidence to support each other. I have been excited to assist where needed, as a volunteer, and help out with the many activities the BSSG now offers.

I also volunteer at a special needs school where my daughter teaches children with various disabilities.

At the BSSG, I love being able to help provide a safe and relaxed environment where members feel they can talk, laugh, sing, play games, relax and find some joy in what can be a very difficult time.

Volunteering has given me extra purpose, and the sense of feeling more valued. It has provided me with a way to use my personal skills to assist others and build new relationships. I heartily recommend volunteering!