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BSSG is purely a support organisation.

Here are some of the ways our members have contributed to wider knowledge of the effects of stroke.

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A Stroke Survivor and Carer's perspective on stroke with Gordon White, Stroke Survivor and Vivienne Harkness OAM, President and Former Carer

Minimising the risk factors for stroke, Jenny Cheng, Stroke Survivor and Founder

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Hand therapy with Ian Wakefield, Stroke Survivor

Relearning to walk with Mary Hiou, Stroke Survivor

Getting ready with Krystyna Thompson, Stroke Survivor


Finding Yourself After Stroke (includes one of our members’ Shannon Nelson's stroke story).

Finding Yourself After Stroke is a world-first compilation, featuring the stories of 26 young stroke survivors, whose lives have been suddenly and unexpectedly impacted by stroke.

The authors within candidly describe the moments that led up to their stroke event, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and how their life-experience and perception has changed post-stroke.

There are many physical and “hidden” challenges to navigate after stroke, such as: Aphasia, Dysphagia, Emotional Dysregulation, Executive Functioning, Hemiplegia, Identity Loss, Locked-In Syndrome, Nerve Damage, Neuro-fatigue, Pain, Relationships, Visual Impairment and much more…

Life’s a Murgatroyd! (Co-surviving in the country of Aphasia) by Lloyd and Bonnie Knight. (Available for borrowing at the Hub).

The diary turned out a great idea and one I can recommend. Stroke recovery tends to be frustratingly slow, so it is often hard to appreciate progress. To have a record of how bad things were helped me to benchmark how far I had progressed – more often than not, further than I realised.

Other Information

There are other organisations that can assist stroke survivors and their carers.
These include:

Stroke Foundation
The Stroke Foundation partners with the community to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. The Stroke Foundation does this through raising awareness, facilitating research and supporting stroke survivors.

Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria is the state-wide voice for family carers, representing and providing supports to carers in Victoria.